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Originally Posted by bluesinger
I've been in-person shopping once a week and using Instacart for my Sam's Club shopping, as it's still a circus. I noticed Instacart prices being out of sync with the real in-store prices. Also, Instacart added a sales tax to raw ground bison. When I asked about it through customer service back and forth, I just got a runaround. Hate to say it, but they're crooks.

Yesterday I used Sam's Club online ordering, curbside pickup for the first time and it went flawlessly. I won't be using Instacart again.

Nevada is about to re-open, but I'll continue most of the same behavior. Why not be safe.

Having worked in a grocery store, I saw instances when something was mis-classified in the system. In the particular instance I'm thinking of, I can't even remember exactly what happened, but I think it had to do with tax that time too, and I think it involved a dairy product. For some reason it had been mis-classified as a prepared food (like the salad bar, which was taxable), instead of as a non-taxable grocery item. They did eventually get it straightened out, but since the mistake was in the computerized system, you know how that goes - takes what seems like forever to fix every place it shows up in the programming, so that it doesn't automatically revert back to the original mistake.

Companies that do your shopping for you (instacart, pea pod, etc) often have prices which differ from the store price - it's just part of their business model. Our store provided online ordering through pea pod, which shopped some of the orders at a "ware-store" facility, others at a Pea Pod "hub", and still others are shopped in the actual store. Pea Pod's list of available products did not include every item in the store, and the prices were often different from the store's price - something which I've found to often be the case when it comes to ordering from a store vs shopping in their brick and mortar store. Pea Pod also had their own list of sale items, which might have some overlap with the store's sale prices, but not all of them (and there might be things you can order that are on sale, while the store has them at regular price), another reason the prices aren't always the same.

I'm not saying nothing shady was going on with your instacart order, just trying to give some insight as to what might have been the causes of the discrepancies.
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