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So I just went and did some checking and a Ketoscan is a breath analyzer that measures acetone in ppm (parts per million), not ketones. The information I've found indicates that 10 ppm acetone is a fairly mild level of ketosis. People following ketogenic diets are typically above 40 ppm and as high as 200 ppm after prolonged fasts. The range that is reached by people in ketoacidosis is more like 1200 ppm or more. So you should be fine.

If you have wondered whether you are diabetic, then it would be a good idea to go ahead and get your HbAc1 checked. You can get home test kits for about $20 that are just about as accurate as the full-up lab tests. You can be diabetic for years without knowing it, so it's good peace-of-mind if it comes in normal and, if not, you can save yourself years of accumulated damage by knowing now instead of later.

Another thing I noted was that breath ketones, which correlate well with breath acetone, is not a good indicator of blood ketones, which is what really matters from the standpoint of ketoacidosis. But the ranges are so disparate that if one is really, really high, the other is likely really, really high as well.
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