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Originally Posted by Merpig
So I'm absolutely willing to try out L-theanine/GABA since that's nothing I've tried before in my "natural remedy" treatments. The reviews all sound so promised on amazon. However I'm probably tried 100 things on amazon that have amazing reviews that have done squat for me.

Yes, I'm the same way I haven't kept a list, but in my journal I bet there are likely 40-50 things I tried that didn't work, from supplements to sleep strategies.

Even now, I have pared down my essential supplements over years of trying stuff out. I am on furlough from a job in tourism, so the financial future is very uncertain.

I am currently:
  • 50k D3/daily K2 for immune system
  • 3 daily RAW thyroid from organ meats
  • twice daily PEA supplement for central nervous system repair
  • L-theanine-GABA as needed
  • pregnenolone and chelated magnesium during the week

which just might be the smallest in years.
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