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As Rosebud noted, you'd have to go through your old food log pages one at a time to delete them; not really worth it IMO. They're easy enough to ignore .

That being said, you can delete an entire day's entries with a single click. At the top of the Daily Entry page, put a check in the box at the top right (on the orange bar); this will select *all* items. Scroll to the drop-down menu at the bottom right and select "Delete from this day's entries", then Submit.

If you want to delete old data from your weight loss chart so that it starts fresh with your current weight .. that too can be done with a single click per page of entries. On the Weight Stats page, put a check in the topmost box in the list (below the graph); this will select 50 entries at a time. Scroll down and click the Delete Selection button. Repeat page by page until all old entries are gone. Note** .. if the graph doesn't change with the deletions, you might need to refresh your browser page to purge the old image from its cache.

Good luck
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