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Joe, in answer to your question, the L-Glutamine product I was using did not list fillers. Unfortunately I don't think they are required to. I was using the Whole Foods store brand.

This disease is indeed cruel. What ill symptoms are you experiencing? Candida die off usually makes people feel like they have a cold or the flu. I'm not sure if you're experiencing candida die off though because you mentioned you had some sweetened iced tea. If you do commit to an anti-candida food plan, its best to avoid anything sweetened, otherwise you are just prolonging the recovery time. If you find a good supplement program, you should be able to enjoy fruits though because natural fructose is the most dilute form of natural sugar and can easily be compensated for with the supplements. The best way to counteract the candida die off symptoms is to sweat in a sauna or hot bath daily for 10- to 15 minutes. It really does work. The skin is your body's largest detox organ and when it is used you relieve the incredible burden that the candida die off puts on your liver and kidneys.

And thank you for the fruit tree advice. I will definitely do my homework on the best types of trees that can be grown in my area with the least trouble and maintenance. I've unfortunately learned this the hard way in regards to the other landscaping choices we've made in the past where we did little or no research beforehand.
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