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Default candida - leaky gut syndrome

Greetings Sean,

My pleasure to your response and would be glad to share what I may know or learn. The book is The Protein Power Lifeplan.
Yesterday's thought was that I wouldn't follow any diet plan, but would put together a list of all the foods I believe are best for me and go from there. In the end, there is so much confusing and contraindicated information. The net is a great place and these forums are super. It is a blessing that so many people take the time to help each other.

Thank you for the head's up on the supplement fillers. I find it almost impossible to nail down an offending substance....just not well enough to make that determination so I rely on good research.....which certainly can leave me hanging at times....what a learning curve! That is a bit surprising on the fruits though.......I am definitely hesitant on that with the sugars, however, nothing may surprise me as I mostly avoid them not because of experience but again, the sugar content. Worst part is I have my own orchard and avoid the fruit.

A couple of today's plans are; 1)to try avocado.....gonna put it in with kefir as a smoothie. 2) Begin writing down a list of foods that are healing and try and avoid anything suspiciously offending and lastly 3) order some colostrum to add to the arsenal. There is a toss up whether to go with transfer factors vs colostrum.....but am leaning towards trying colostrum first.
Hopefully we may get some others to chime in and help us both out with there experience.

I'll try and log on to the site a couple times a day and check back. BTW, I ordered the book at the suggestion of citruskiss and found it on amazon dirt cheap at .59 cents plus shipping.

God bless,
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