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Have fun! Your griddle muffins work nicely on mine. My go-to recipe now is the one in my post above from Apr 15. I've actually memorized it, which rarely happens.

If you're nervous about the fiber, it would probably work fine without it - I use it to improve the texture of the final product, and it makes less of a mess if the batter is really thick.

New tip: I ditched the oil spray and replaced it by using a little container of oil (I use a ramekin) and a silicon pastry brush between chaffles. I don't even remember why I bought the pastry brush. Heh. It's probably from the dollar store. I toss it in the dishwasher afterwards.

I feel you on the "don't wanna cook in summer." I don't mind it early in the morning and/or on a cooler, rainy or overcast day... but it's nice just to whip up a sandwich or two.

I have no idea whether these would freeze well or not because there are never enough left over.
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