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Plan: my own ~ fasting.
Stats: 178/134/110 Female 4ft.11
Progress: 65%

I walked* 7 miles today.
Was going to push to get 8 miles in. But had to just walk 7 miles.
Was also going to get in sauna but as I said had to cut short.
I want to get back into saunas and steam rooms and keep walking.and weights.
But If I try to work in sauna that cuts walking time{with only 3-4 miles.
We will see.
I have a tredmil at home that I could use to get those miles in.
We will see.
How are you all doing? Just keep posting. even just to say hi. It helps.
I may make some chia pudding{Have not had that in long while.
I thought I had the Sb book but don't.
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