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Default 14/09/2016 Fen Rivers Way 2 of 3, Ely to Downham Market

This stretch is also 18 miles, and the point of no return was 6 miles in, at Littleport. I had to take into consideration not only my physical state, but the predicted 28 degrees centigrade by 2 pm.

I set out at 8.30 am. It was relatively cool and I was pleased that there was a breeze, and I was walking into it. I knew the first 3 miles as DH and I had covered it on a leisurely stroll on Sunday.

After this it was back to the grass-covered floodbank, 3 uninterrupted miles with a sign indicating cattle when I set out on it. No cattle in sight, but as I reached the gate at the other end several dozen bullocks were standing in front of it. Fortunately they were the non-violent variety.

At Littleport I was on form, it was still tolerable and I had over a litre of water with me, so I pressed on. I had over 3 miles of the floodbank wedged between the river and the A10 to enjoy, and when I got to the end I reached the Ship Inn but it was not going to open for at least half an hour, so I kept going.

In less than a mile I managed to lose the A10 and was now in the wide open spaces, the river on my left. The heat was building up, but I still had the gentle breeze. Just under 3 miles to Hilgay Bridge, then almost 3 to Denver Sluice for which I left the floodbank to make better time on the narrow road that ran on its left.

Denver sluice crossed, there was just over a mile and a half more floodbank (with another herd of cattle including a bull) before Downham Market bridge, where I left the Way in search of Downham Market station. By 2.30 pm I had bought my ticket, and was sitting on the platform waiting for the 15:08 to Kings Cross.
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