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Default Cornstarch replacement

Lately, for reasons I'm not clear on, I've become obsessed with pudding/custard.

I have stevia, cream, eggs, vanilla....

Most recipes I find also call for cornstarch. Obviously, I'm not adding that! But, it occurred to me: Coconut flour (and I have a ton of that on hand) will also soak up liquid well...

So, in my recipe, I tried replacing the tsp of cornstarch with a tsp of coconut flour. It turned out yummy, thick, creamy, and extremely filling.

A few days later, I made basically the same recipe without the flour... It turned out much more runny (though that could be because I didn't let it cool as much.)

So this got me thinking... has anyone experimented with using coconut flour in other things (Thanksgiving gravy, for example) that traditionally call for flour/cornstarch as a thickening agent?
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