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Originally Posted by JEY100
My response exactly the same as Frankie, with my oncologist's support I have been managing D levels to over 50, 70 ideal but under 100. It is tested in February and I need to be taking 10K then to be in range.

When I first started getting tested years ago, I was shocked that my numbers were in the 20s. It was in the middle of summer, I had been sunbathing every day in my bathing suit for about two months. I can't remember if I had been taking D3 at the time; if I had, it was only a measly 1 or 2,000 IUs.

Now it's in the 60s to 70s. However, I only started taking a higher amount of D3 about a year ago. Ever since then, I haven't been sick. Even when I've over-done it on the crappy carbs or stayed up too late too many nights in a row. I just get a few sneezes, and that's it.

In addition, what has made a supplements actually effective, was removing all processed seed oils from diet, adding and using only natural saturated and mono-saturated fats. Vit D is a fat solvable vitamin, and without good fats I could take those super high supplements and the Vit D serum level would not budge. Safely getting more sun is first line treatment, then supplements. More than 2K, especially if older.

I agree, especially with removing processed oils. It sure makes staying compliant with a LC diet easier, since most chips and other snacks contain sunflower, safflower, canola, and/or other oils not fit for human consumption.
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