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I tossed the seed oils several months ago-- use grape seed oil in its place right now. Otherwise sesame oil in stir fries, CO for sauteing, and butter when I can. And EVOO.

Still have resurvations about using grain fed fats, hoping to find a reasonable source of grassfed fats and meats. But in the meantime using animal fats that are grain fed.

Talked to a friend yesterday about VIt D. SHe was having problems with her thyroid about ten years ago; she upped her VIt D intake and the problem resolved itself.

As far as feeling better, aka the blues, several things seem to have made life better for me. One was taking Mg citrate. I take only one rather than two tablets, and that seems to be helpful. The absorbtion rate is still not super but FAR better than the oxide form. So my estimate is about 20% of RDA for magnesiumvia a daily tablet has helped. Also recently added l-tyrosine. Crying is less, and the waterworks shut off sooner. Overall, I have been able to avoid frank depression for MANY years; and even the fall/ winter SAD is far away for MANY years. The use of L-tyrosine is a new addition, and not for everyone; I am ADD and naturally too low in dopamine.
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