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Originally Posted by JEY100
My response exactly the same as Frankie, with my oncologist's support I have been managing D levels to over 50, 70 ideal but under 100. It is tested in February and I need to be taking 10K then to be in range. In addition, what has made a supplements actually effective, was removing all processed seed oils from diet, adding and using only natural saturated and mono-saturated fats. Vit D is a fat solvable vitamin, and without good fats I could take those super high supplements and the Vit D serum level would not budge. Safely getting more sun is first line treatment, then supplements. More than 2K, especially if older.

I'd been reading about vit d on these forums for years and finally started taking some awhile ago. When I got up to 5k iu, I began to notice it seems to help my depression. I was happy when my gyn ordered a vit d test for me this past year. Thanks to these forums, I knew that the 47 I got as a result, while the lab said this was good, was not enough, and have since added another 1k (being conservative) daily.
If I don't take this for 2-3 days, for whatever reason, I def. begin to get the blues as I will call it.
My goal this year, in part as a way to deal with many issues at once, is to get out onto my back deck, and soak up that sun.
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