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Count me in on this theory! I actually had a former employer pay for a 1 year gym membership with personal trainer because the COO did not believe me that I would gain weight if I worked out. The firm paid for the first six months, and because I did everything the personal trainer told me to (except eat low fat), the firm paid for the second six months as well.

This reminds me of the What If by Tom Naughton. "What if Mechanics and Nutritionists Switched Jobs?" Link My favorite part was from the part where the nutritionist gives mechanical advice:

Originally Posted by Tom Naughton
If she’s burning too much gas, stop filling her up all the time. Then she can’t use too much gas. Like I said, it’s simple.”

“Okay. Right.”

“And if she’s still sluggish, you need to get her out on the highway a few times a week and run her at a high speed for an hour or so.”

“Well … that kind of seems like it might just make the car use more gas.”

“No, no, no, you’re missing the whole idea here. Give her less gas, but drive her around a lot more. That’s how you get your mileage up. Less gas, more miles, that means more miles per gallon. You understand the math?”
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