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My DH makes a "Jello" type dessert with 2 tablespoons gelatin powder, 24 drops liquid sucralose and a "Koolaid" type unsweetened drink packet (the kind intended to make 64 ounces of drink) mixed in 32 ounces of water. First soften gelatin in a bit of cold water to prevent lumps, then add some boiling water and stir to dissolve and then add sweetener, drink packet and enough water to make 32 ounces. Let sit in fridge a few hours and done. I don't consider the drink mix with its artificial coloring, flavoring etc. a great health choice but maybe better than the sugar free "Jello" brand box mix, no aspartame for those who avoid this. A bit cheaper, too. It's a lot better choice IMO than other things DH might otherwise eat for dessert.
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