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Default New Low Carb TV Dinners

Hey folks,

For the first time ever I saw that they have some new low carb TV dinners at my supermarket.

They are still adding some sugar and starch, but the amounts do not seem that excessive. They've basically replaced the rice with more veggies. You can tell the food scientists and nutritionists worked on these because they've actually tried to balance the sodium and potassium levels to the recommended ratios (also a first!).

Net carbs are 4-6g per package, which isn't terrible.

Unfortunately I think they are also trying to do low fat at the same time as low carb, so that they can check all the "healthy" boxes in the marketing department. But there's no reason you can't just add some (artery clogging butter to it to make it better.

At least they seem to be trying now.
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