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Default have lost 152 in 7 1/2 months

started out on 10/08/2017 eating three keto meals a day and decided that was too much, after six weeks I was down to one meal a day, shortly after that point I started two things that went hand and hand in my book, extended fasts of 48 and then 72 hours. also started logging lots of steps. went from not being able to walk up a flight of stairs with out getting winded to being able to walk for 4 plus hours straight with out taking a break(and while in a long fast). and it happened in about 6 months time. at work(banking) I am the crazy employee that moves constantly from the time I walk in the door til I leave. give myself a set down break after lunch once I have 10-13 K steps in and then knock out 2-3 K more before I am done for the day, then hit the rail trail weather permitting for at least and hour. don't plan on stopping til I get below 200, or at least that is the plan how ever long that takes. Honestly don't mind the diet, seems to suit me and then ends easily equals the means
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