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Joel Saladin is a strong advocate for grazing animals as they keep the grasses in growing mode, which continualy pulls carbon, etc , from the air. Its the optimal food cycle. Carbon sequestering.

Chickens. More and more people are rediscovering chickens. Great bird to eat food waste from the kitchen, and return eggs and stew meat.

As I walked thru my garden yesterday, I noticed grasshoppers are back. While Im not ready to eat grasshoppers, my birds will. Adds animal protein to their diet. When my garden was lawn, no grass hoppers. Though the sheep did graze it.

We need to think how to make more quality protein to augment the vegetarian diet. A little goes a long way to create good health.

Vegetarianism is not usually by choice, it is due to lack of acquiring animal protein due to lands converted to cropping and human housing. Hunting land is gone, most tillable land is cropped not grazed.

Eggs are cheap to produce, milk products is one of the most expensive, but not as much as the lab grown beef protein at $100 per pound currently.
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