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I am glad the term "vegan" is... developing a bad taste in people's mouths!

(ta boom tish!)

It may seem strange, but many Youtube videos about the current processed food crisis (I recommend Evil Food Supply) has given me a look at the convenience-food lifestyle. And how seductive it must be for younger people who don't know the meals they eat three times a day are substantially not food.

I see them crying about their uncontrollable appetite and how it is starting to scare them and how depressed they are. Yet, transitioning to real food seems so daunting, because I can see how it looks that way. I've learned zero junk food because the consequences of me giving in are so immediate and distressing. I had to hang in there for the good feedback, which turned into a more compelling motivator the longer I listen.

Which is why I can say that the cravings do go away, and we feel so much better. But people need more help than they are getting.

I send people to DietDoctor, which is easy to find and access. But to make such a change, people need to believe it will work. In this sea of outright lies which is what people find when they "search," that's still difficult.
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