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Originally Posted by deirdra
Like the "diabetic" meals on airlines that often have more sugar and starch than some of the "regular" meal choices.

People may think a "vegan" basket contains plain fruits & vegetables and be surprised to see half of it is ultra-processed crap.


Also, there's a lot of vegans who live off of processed junk.

I remember about 3 decades ago shopping at a furniture store one time and got to chatting with the salesperson, who felt the need to inform me that she was a vegetarian who didn't use any animal products at all. (Back then either the word vegan was rarely used or not used at all to designate the difference between vegetarians who ate dairy and eggs, and vegetarians who only ate plant matter.)

Anyhow, she also said that she didn't eat any vegetables - she was living on crackers, donuts, cookies, candy, and whatever other junk food she could find that didn't have any animal products at all in them. For instance she would order fries at a fast food restaurant, or eat a bag of chips for lunch because they were being cooked in some kind of vegetable oil.

I often wondered just how long she was able to survive on that kind of diet - at least eating some vegetables, she would have gotten a few nutrients, but eating nothing but junk, little to none of that is even fortified.

But my point is that apparently there's a sub-sect of vegans who subsist on absolute junk, so they might have no problem at all with a vegan/plant based gift basket that consisted of nothing but ultra-processed junk.
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