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I've decided I'm never going to get this cereal entered in - 30 minutes later and my next error is:

"The nutritional date you have entered are incorrect. Please make sure to enter valid data.

You have entered 110 calories, but the data entered totals to 118 calories. The formula to calculate calories is as follows:

Calories = Carbs x 4 + Proteon x 4 + Fat x 9 + Alcohol x 6.93

The data you entered comes to:

Calories = 118 = 14 * 4 + 11 * 4 + 2 * 9 + 0 * 6.93 = 118

Possible reasons are:

1. You did not enter the label data accurately, re-check to ensure accuracy

2. The label may have listed carbs by weight (including fiber) and not by difference. In this case, subtract the fiber from the carb count

3. The label is incorrect, or contains hidden carbs."

I know the label is correct, I thought carbs I only entered in carbs-fiber, so I initially wrote 9 carbs, but I got the same error. So I figured that it must mean all carbs, so I put 14... Neither worked. I think there should be some wiggle room like fitday has, if you're off by a few calories it'll still let you enter it in, it's only when you're off my a large % of calories that it won't let you enter it in... Being off my 6 or 7 calories doesn't seem like a big deal to me.
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