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Originally Posted by equistar
Mind if I jump in? I just turned 40 and have cramping and for two days have very heavy days that make me slightly lightheaded but I do not go to doctors. My question in how many of you have gone through menopause naturally - I never hear of anyone doing that anymore, they all seem to get surgery and hormone replacements. Just trying to find the best route.

I have to say for me it has been all natural, just talking myself through it. No drugs, and no hormones. And only One Adrenal gland.
I also believe there are more women taking Natural hormones then the other, they pull them from the market and slow brought them back. Millions of women stoopped them and millions have choose the other natural kind. So I have to disagree with you on that.

I had a Partial Hysterectomy, keep the ovaries and lost the Periods (uterus) no sadness there, but I still got the Menopause, and it began I think, at 45.
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