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Originally Posted by mike_d
Found this article in my bookmarks: explains the difference between simple CR and IF fairly well. The media need to see it

TBH, my brain has been a bit closed off to the idea of IF. It all sounded like a cross between a 1970s housewife skipping lunch and magic juju from eating precisely at 2:57pm everyday because someone once had a woosh after they did that, so they know it works. In other words: It sounded like a bunch of B.S.

So, thank you for that link. After you posted it the other day I went to read it, mainly so I could understand what people were talking about, not because I thought it made any difference (yeah, okay, that's my version of open-minded ). And I spent half the day crawling through that website, looking up other links and reading.

I get it now! And it clicked with something I'd learned from Body for Life, which was to workout before breakfast, but I couldn't remember why. Based on that I'm going to:
  • eat dinner earlier (since I live alone, dinner time has occurred 'whenever' often late into the evening)
  • stop feeling guilty about not eating breakfast and eat my first meal of the day when I'm hungry
I might explore IF some more as I move along.

Thanks again for the link.
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