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Originally Posted by teaser
Until I read that bit about insulin staying up if you don't eat, I had no idea my brain could barf independent of my body. This goes past "Doctors only get so much training in nutrition" to sheer incompetence. It's the sort of armchair philosophising from a simple premise--cephalic insulin initiating hunger--without considering anything else at all that you'd expect from a novice diet forum layman. Not an insult, if that's what you actually are. But a doctor?

My kids are almost there with deciding on college and I've been hanging out on college forums. One of the things that comes up OVER and OVER again is how the most important criteria for getting into med school is GPA. Not how good your undergrad school is, not your MCATs, not how suited you are for being a doctor, not the rigor of the classes you've taken. So students trying to go for pre-med typically take the fluffiest load they can in order to keep that 4.0 GPA including taking easier classes at easier schools over the summer and transferring them back to their harder college. It's a game. I wouldn't want a doctor who was just playing games with their education and not invested in challenging themselves but it REALLY explains a LOT about why doctors are the way they are - not that curious, in my experience.
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