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I agree with you all. Itís just too annoying...and the bad-science rumours and fear mongering donít help. I donít fight it, I donít get into conversations with people. If they ask, press me, Iíll talk about the non-weight loss benefits I have from eating ketogenicly and how I never want to go back to being that tired, moody, irritable, impatient, poor-sleep couch potato that I was before. And ďthatís just me, you have to find what keeps you feeling stable, healthy and happy.Ē

Originally Posted by mike_d
To add insult to injury the the EATĖLancet Commission on healthy diets from sustainable food systems just came out

One steak a month? Not on you life

I do try to eat limit my beef to grass-fed, free range ... therefore not carbon intensive and healthier too (same omegas as salmon, apparently)...and because thatís expensive, I eat it less. Itís hard to balance legitimate concern for climate change and this diet.

In the last year Iíve tried to focus more on unsalted, unroasted nuts, eggs, coconut oil, cheese, pork, chicken and fish...and then the occasional grass fed beef. Which largely means not eating it out, where the cheap, mass manufactured beef is mostly whatís available unless you go very high-end. And it means a lot of planning for foods to take for lunch, and learning new dishes...

Itís hard to find the balance that works for each of us. Likeó this same study says one thing we can do is reduce food waste, but apparently that probablem is primarily in industry, not homes (at least in Canada, Iíll find the article). So like using fossil fuels...whatís the balance? I try to use transit and walk more in daily life and save my carbon use for a flight to see other parts of the world.

Maybe I should make this another do folks balance the climate concerns with this woe?
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