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Originally Posted by WereBear
I've seen vegan propaganda on the subject, where anthropology and archaeology are being distorted to claim women gathered much more food than men hunted.

It really isn't vegan propaganda. But it does depend upon which native tribes you are talking about.

For the great plains, antelope and rabbits were the most abundant game but finding antelope was the issue. Men had to travel distances to find a herd then travel distances to bring it home

Meanwhile women and elderly stayed at home caring for children. They had to forage to eat while the men were gone. The mobile camp moved on (by foot, carrying all they owned) to another area as distant from the first as possible to find a decent forage area.

If you look at the Inuit/Eskimo they subsisted on animal foods most of the year, foraging for vegetation only in the summer months.

The environment in which people lived dictated the type of food they ate.

The plains Indians had the horse which helped immensely in hunting buffalo. Encampments were like settlements where a vegetable garden could grow

Pueblo people survived on corn, inter-pueblo (Navajo) were sheep herders.

Generalizing from the variation of foods eaten throughout north America to cite only 1 group is completely senseless.
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