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Originally Posted by Verbena
And what about tea? (My personal choice; strong, black, sugarless, probably too long brewed, and many cups throughout the day. My main form of hydration)
hitting the link below automatically downloads the pdf file:

The effects of green tea on weight loss and weightmaintenance: a meta-analysis.

Introduction. Different outcomes of the effect of green tea on weight loss (WL) and weight maintenance (WM) have been reported in studies with subjects differing in ethnicity and habitual caffeine intake.

Purpose. To elucidate by meta-analysis whether green tea indeed has a function in body weight regulation.

Methods. English-language studies about WL and WM after green tea supplementation were identified through PubMed and based on the references from retrieved articles. Out of the 49 studies initially identified, a total of 11 articles fitted the inclusion criteria and provided useful information for the meta-analysis. Effect sizes (mean weight change in treatment versus control group) were computed and aggregated based on a random-effects model. The influence of several moderators on the effect sizes was examined.
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