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Sorry for the multiples, I just have to reply to this bollocks. See what I did there? Hehe.
“All humans have three back-up energy systems. We mainly run on sugar in the form of glucose. When that runs out the body switches over to glycogen which is basically stored glucose. Then, when that depletes, the body’s metabolic switch goes into burning ‘ketone bodies’,” he adds.

Jeebus, no, again. Glycogen never depletes. Ever. If it ever did, we'd be talking about a very specific type of extremely rare glycogen storage disorder. No way no how can we use this in any reasonable fashion to explain what happens to the general population "when we run out of glucose". But then this refutes the premise that we run out of glucose at any point, cuz glycogen never depletes. So, none of that is the impetus for the switch to ketones. The impetus is negative stimulus of insulin, i.e. when we stop eating so much carbs, insulin drops so low (yet well within normal), that the liver can now perform one of its primary functions - ketogenesis. And this last refutes the premise that we run mainly on sugar in the form of glucose, because for that to be true, we'd have to shut down ketogenesis completely by some means, which happens to be eating lots and lots of carbs all the time, which if we were to measure the results of in the blood, we'd diagnose diabetes type 2 through several indirect and direct markers like blood glucose level and HbA1c.
Dr Mosley aims to arm those attending his tour with the know-how to tap into their ketones and reap the rewards, but he insists it won’t be through a popular fad called the ketogenic diet. “That’s not the way because people using it adopt a high-fat diet which is probably very, very unhealthy in the long-term.”

OK, I ran out of Jeebuses. This is the most absurd nonsense I've read today. A high-fat diet is the definition of a ketogenic diet. How can we not adopt the definition of a thing when we adopt the thing itself, huh? As for the fad thing, if we start changing the definition of the word fad by including something we've been doing for at least 150 years in various forms (Banting et al) or even the MKD which has been used for a few decades already and is well established as a genuine medical treatment, we got a problem. If anything can be called a fad by comparision, it's official guidelines in any form, and very likely whatever you say Mr Mosley, cuz really I never heard of you before I read this bollocks, but I truly heard from and about a whole bunch of other people (and I've even communicated directly with a couple of the prominent figures like Gary) who talked and talked and talked about the ketogenic diet in many many many forms for a decade up to now. Jeebus, under what rock did that guy crawl out from.
“There’s also a perception that people who are overweight have only themselves to blame. But so much of the obesity issue is down to external factors, such as manufacturers who are producing foods which are unbelievably addictive, far worse than sugar even. I’ll be revealing the magic formula they’re using to do this too.”

Jeebus, I mean Jeebus. Next he's gonna tell us he's a Grand Master Alchemist or something?
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