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Originally Posted by WereBear
Meme gave me the tip that I can make my own with sour cream. I love a thick, creamy dressing, and I like them so much better than storebought.

I found being creative like this at home lessens the pull of going out. Shredded low carb vegetables like jicama make good hash browns, for instance.

My husband will get a steak with more veggies instead of the potato, and put real butter on them. I'll get a fajita skillet and skip the tortillas.

Socializing is important, especially spending time at home as a caregiver. These days, you can look the place up online and strategize before you go. Even Italian will have an antipasto platter on the menu.

See.. I love the thinner dressings, the are easier to get all over the salad.. and to me, they just taste better.. There is a local buffet that has all the things that I can chow down on and a large salad selection.. I just cannot go to a lot of the places I would just give up and go to because its "easy".
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