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Well, thanks--but keep in mind that my avatar is an old picture! My gallery has some newer ones, with the facial wrinkles in fuzzy focus. Wish I could get guns like that again, but surface chubbiness is hard to fight at this age.

Your workout program sounds entirely too ambitious! Don't burn out. I have never liked HIIT, and think it's way too hard on knees, heart, and other good but older body parts. Walking, a little light aerobics/step, or some movement incorporated into light weight workout is plenty for me. I had the Body for Life book once upon a time, but...too strenuous for me even ten years ago.

I love my little workout space in the basement. I put down a couple of gym-style rubber mats that I bought online. I've got hand weights 3,5,8,10, and my favorite thing: a padded 15lb. bar. Used to use it for Body Pump. It's nice for warm-ups and lighter days. I also have a barbell I can load to a lot more than I'll ever lift. I use it for squats on days I'm feeling ambitious. I've got a step, a treadmill DH brought with him, and best of all, a tv and DVD player. I've got a whole shelf of great video workouts to suit the mood or the time frame.

I used to do a lot of Cathe Freidrich--pretty heavy. That's where I got those biceps in the picture. I weighed about 135 at the time. Still, I'm pleased that I do not have batwings to this day, and I work those triceps hard whether I feel like it or not.

Nice to have a Bowflex! I picked up a mini-tramp at a garage sale, but I don't use it much. Considered getting a ball, but decided it isn't worth the space. For years, I sat on a ball at my desk at work. Naturally people thought I was eccentric, and that was part of the appeal.

Best wishes with your workout plans!
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