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they all get very little media attention.

It continues to amaze me what qualifies as news and what the media will print or broadcast. It's a business driven dynamic, so we get only what is thought to be a good seller to the masses. I remember the dream of every aspiring journalist in college was to be objective, thorough, and accurate with dogged fact checking when communicating the news, but this was nothing more than a dream. When confronted with the real world and what your media business considers publish-worthy, it's a very different dynamic. Also, it's far easier to regurgitate the popular notions, as being a Gary Taubes or a Nina Teicholz has its price in the incredible amount of work and diligence paid and the follow-on attacks on reputation when reporting view points totally contradictory to the mainstream. The business has been so dumbed-down today, that anything printed or reported has me skeptical before I even begin to read, watch or listen. There are a few journalists who have credibility, very few.
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