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Cool I love your encouragement!

Originally Posted by deirdra
I'm the same height as you and now 62. LCHF has permitted the best, sustainable weightloss of my life, all after age 50. After 35 years of yo-yoing, for me this is the only satiating WOE for losing & maintaining. I did tweak by eliminating my inflammatory foods (dairy protein, grains, soy) and got below 150 lbs, where I always got stuck when younger than 50. Rate was 0.5 to 1 lb/week, slowing down for the last 15, but it kept moving. Now I maintain with intermittent fasting (a 4-10 hr eating window).

I love Deirdra's encouraging words. I'm almost 54 and averaging just under a pound a week after 5 months. I will keep the dairy protein down from now on. I've done Weight Watchers so many times it's a joke, and while it worked much faster...I kept needing to return. I also like the fasting idea and do it myself and it works, and doesn't hurt! I also take meds that have about 10,000 calories each (not quite) so it's an age and meds whammy that slows me down. But I have resolved to one year of sticking with this because it makes sense and is doable. Thank you for sharing!
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