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DaisyDawn, that's very normal. When the "I'm not hungry" sensation first hits you (that's ketosis/fat burning kicking in), it's a bit of a shock, euphoria and concern at the same time.

Strive to eat a little something, ideally a protein-fat-vegetables combo, 3-6 times a day so that it adds up to a minimum of 1500 calories and maximum 1800 (that's the Atkins guideline for women). Collect 300-500 calorie food combos that you like. For example, Greek yogurt with nuts and berries, a whole small Haas avocado or cut-up fruit or vegetables with Greek yogurt or sour cream, an ounce or two of raw unsalted nuts (pecans and walnuts are my favorite) and cheddar cheese and a glass of V8. If it doesn't trigger cravings or weight gain, a couple of tablespoons of peanut butter will fill you up fast and add fat, protein and calories as well as a few carbs. A simple can of tuna or chicken with mayo works, too, with sliced cucumber and cherry/grape tomatoes and/or a couple of celery sticks. I buy rotisserie chicken and roasted pork loin ready made at the supermarket and keep them on hand for quick meals or snacks. Sometimes I just feel like having a couple of ounces of meat and a handful of nuts at a sitting and other times just a bowl of bagged salad or vegetables with butter or dressing.

Add heavy cream or half and half to your tea or coffee. That boosts your carb and fat and calorie intake a bit and has a high pleasure factor.

I enjoy a square or two of dark chocolate every now and then, but if you're really looking to knock off 10 lb I would recommend giving your body a chance to start craving fat and protein instead of sweet or starchy foods. It will over time if you stick to low carb. Your body will thank you for it in the long run (hopefully not so long).
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