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Trailblazing indeed. (I love how that word ended up in all caps in the article.)

You'd think part of medical training would include the history of diabetes treatment. You'd think that training would include the fact that before the invention of injectable insulin, the ONLY way for diabetics to control blood sugar was by strictly limiting carb intake. You'd think that over all those decades, more than a few med students would have a moment, realizing that perhaps it would still be possible to treat diabetes that way.

You'd think it wouldn't have taken so many decades for anyone to realize the advice that "you must eat a minimum of 30 g carbs per meal" nonsense they've been telling diabetics for so long is just insane.

You'd think that they would have figured out long ago that every patient eating the exact way they've been told to eat only continues to worsen. But no - they continued to shrug their shoulders, lamenting that there was nothing else they could do other than increase insulin dosages.

I wonder how long before they figure out that they could significantly lower the number of new diabetes cases by cutting the amount of recommended carbs for everyone?
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