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Cool Sous Vide Cranberries... Sauce for dry meats

I can only find Fresh Cranberries at Thanksgiving time .. so when they come out I love to grab a whole bunch. 12g of carbs per cup of fresh Cranberries - way less than other berries .. lots of fiber .. Why not .. I don't eat them with sugar .. just pop em in my mouth to munch on .. their tartness prevents me from overeating and because I'm so sensitive to sweetness now - I really enjoy them raw.

But when I found myself with a bunch of fresh Cranberries .. quickly starting to go soft .. I decided to experiment. I threw them into my sous vide bath and cooked them for 24 hours at 132F .. when done - I mushed them inside the bag .. voila - cranberry sauce.

I Sous Vide all my meat now .. it keeps the fat intact .. and doesn't rend the fat (which is way healthier) .. my go-to food (because its cheap and I"m on a budget) is to buy a whole Pork Loin from Costco for $20 and then cut it up into 1.5 inch steaks. I season them and vacuum seal them - toss them in the freezer. My Sous Vide setup is pretty much running all the time ..

Problem is .. pork loin can get boring fast.

Happy to report - The Cranberry "Sauce" goes great with pork loin .. like REALLY REALLY good ... and I don't blow past my carb limit ..

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