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Default There's no salt in rum, right?

Hi all,

Been off LC for some time for a number of reasons (mostly emotional), but recently (6 months ago?) had to start BP medication. This was a sign that something had to change. I followed the doctor's recommendations and went on a low salt diet. That helped, but golly-gee-wiz, guess what happened next? Exactly. I'm at my highest weight in memory. I found this very depressing and found solace in my nightly rum and Pepsi (hey, it's low salt), which just made the problems worse.

I'm thinking that if I lose the sugar and the weight, the BP will come down on its own. I'm not on any official plan. I'm just eating natural, low-carb foods, including lots of vegetables and no sugar. I'm on day 6 and I feel and sleep better. I'm not going to weigh myself until Saturday (1 week mark).

... and my hobbies include hiking with my dog and cultural exchange (I'm learning Spanish and I teach English for fun).

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