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Default Fruit Treats

I am pretty sure that I got the idea for this off this web site, but can't remember for sure. I have made changes so it should be okay to post it here.

Fruit treats

About 6 oz light cream cheese
about 4 tbs. splenda
about 30-40 grapes, green and seedless
2 heaping tbs. sugar free orange marmalade
about 6-8 ounces chopped pecans, finely chopped.

Freeze the grapes until solid...I did it overnight.
Process cream cheese and splenda, and marmalade until cheese is well softened.
Roll the frozen grapes in the cream cheese mixture and then in the chopped nuts. Once the grape is lightly coated with nuts roll the whole thing in the palm of your hand to make the nuts adhere well.(I warn you, this is messy.)
Then put the grapes back into the freezer to firm up the cheese.
To serve just remove from the freezer. They can be served frozen or thawed.
I also thought that this would probably work great with mandarin oranges too.
You might even consider a little cinnamon in the cheese mixture.

At any rate I found these to be delicious and it feels like such a decadent treat. But lc of course. (Trust me no one will ever know they are lc and good for you.)
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