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Tam, Rose Elliot from the UK has written a book--more of a how-to than a cookbook--called 'The Vegetarian Low-Carb Diet'. Here's a link to the description on Amazon:

It's not the plan I use; it's actually based on an Atkins-type approach. However, it might be good for the menu ideas and 'program' style information you're looking for.

My plan of choice is Protein Power, which allows up to 40 grams effective carbs (total carbs minus fiber) right from the beginning, and which focuses on getting adequate protein (something lots of vegetarian diets lack.) I've found PP pretty vegetarian friendly over the last four years (I started the plan as someone who ate meatless--mainly vegetarian ethnic meals, with some fish.) But you don't have to eat fish, or processed foods, or vegetarian 'meats' to do PP. If you eat eggs or dairy or both, you can keep plenty of variety in your meals, get adequate protein and control your carbs.

Hope that helps.
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