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Default Low-Carb Veggie-style

Hi all,
Briefly, I did low-carb (non-veggie) for about 3 years and lost very well on it. Went off and though I've gained part of the weight back, my main concern is that I'm back to the old diet/binge cycle. I'd like to go back to low-carbing, not just to lose the weight I gained but mainly because when I was low-carbing the sugar cravings and the binges were non-existant.

The problem is that I've since become a vegetarian, so I'm clueless as to where to start. I know there are some great suggestions on this board, but I'm clueless about menus and plans and the like. I know since I was low-carbing in 1997 that there have been a lot of plans to come up that are more veggie-friendly but I have no idea where to start.

I am not looking for Atkins-level carbs, as I'm pretty active and did well with 50-70 carbs/day when I lost the weight. So I'm a bit more flexible with that, though I know that too many grains are out .

I'd love to hear about experiences of other veggie LCers and especially sample menus. One thing that the LC WOL taught me was to cut out processed food and "white" grains/sugars, so I've continued to do that. I try not to eat too many processed foods so I try to stay away from a lot of the frozen and packaged veggie burgers and the like. I'd rather cook something up with lots of veggies, though I'm limited to quick one-dish items, since I'm a grad student and do not have the time to really cook up a storm (though I love cooking and would be more than happy to do this)

So any ideas would be lovely! Any books out there that could help a vegetarian low-carber (not cookbooks but actual menu plans and guides)?

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