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Originally Posted by amandawood
Just before I started taking Vit D in late November 2007, I had an attack of either something perimenopausal (I'm 45) or SAD, I don't know, but I just felt really really depressed for no good reason, almost tearful. A few days before that I was a puddle of tears because of a careless comment a neighbour made. I just didn't recognise myself, as I'm usually a fairly cheerful, happy-go-lucky type of gal.

Two days after the unfounded tearful moments I started taking Vit D3 (4,000IUs/day) and I've felt fine since. Less bad-tempered with my kids and husband and cat, better concentration and no depression or irritability prior to my period. Just generally more balanced and calmer about life in general.

Do you already take Vit D3? If not, now would be a time to try it out! It can't hurt, from what I've read. Check the "Great Vit D Experiment" thread on the challenges sub-forum if you need more information and want to hear about other people's experiences.


Great reminder Amanda! I do take D3....when I remember! I'm really faithful about all of my other supplements, but D3 is one that I keep forgetting. I will put it in a more conspicuous location! Thanks!!
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