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Originally Posted by muffles
I keep looking for other changes now, since I'm not getting much gratification with weight loss. I can now do 20 push ups off my knees - when I started in january I could do 3. I did a spin class the other day and actually kept up and felt good for the first 30 minutes, one day I'll be fine for the whole class.
I keep measuring my body too, there have been subtle changes.
The hardest thing is I can't comfort myself with food anymore , the other night I ended up crying instead. It was probably the healthiest thing to do, I felt the emotion instead of drowning it in carbs, but so painful.

I feel the same way...looking for small changes. I noticed today that I could get in some shorts that I couldn't before. I put them on and went walking and it felt good to be back in them....although they are not as loose as they were. I just started walking this week in hopes that this helps my weight loss speed up some...heavy sigh.

I hope everyone else is doing well.... It's a slow process and eventually we'll all get theree...
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