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Default Dr Rangan Chatterjee launches his own wellbeing show on BBC Radio

Not low carb per se, but as some of you are fans of Dr Rangan Chatterjee, I thought you may be interested to know he is hosting a wellbeing show on BBC Radio 2 from tomorrow evening:

This week, Iím pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. Itís an honour to be invited by BBC Radio 2, the largest broadcaster in Europe (with 15 million listeners each week!), to create my own national wellbeing show. My first show is this Sunday at 10pm UK time. Donít worry if the show is on too late for you or if you live abroad; you can listen live internationally (or at a time more convenient to yourself!) on the BBC Sounds App.

At a time when the world is more divided than ever, my intention with this show is to bring people together and improve our collective wellbeing. This week Iím chatting to Katie Piper, who has dealt with huge challenges in her life. Over 10 years ago, the aspiring model and TV presenter survived a malicious acid attack and the lessons she learned to overcome adversity have relevance for us all.

As well as the opportunity to spread positive health messaging to more people, on a personal level, Iím excited that the show will allow me to re-engage with my lifelong passion for music. Iíve been going through some of my favourite albums and trying to choose songs that fit the mood of the show. Iíll also be asking guests and listeners for their own positivity playlists, three tracks that make them feel good whenever life feels tough.

Ö Iíd love it if you tuned in to support my brand new and first-ever radio show.

Dr Rangan Chatterjee helps you feel better with inspirational health and wellbeing conversations and a relaxed musical soundtrack. Bringing together Rangan's experiences as a father of two and his work as an NHS GP, he shares practical advice to help you in everyday life.

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