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Default SweetLeaf: flavor and sweet Zero carb

Some of you might have heard of SweetLeaf as a stevia company. I get along with stevia most of the time, as with my favorite chocolate bar company, Lily's Sweets.

Okay, there's another endorsement

Tastebuds vary, as we all know if anyone brings up CILANTRO Recently, SweetLeaf has expanded into offering their flavors with Monkfruit, which might work for those who don't care for stevia.

SweetLeaf sells little bottles of flavoring/sweetening drops that are fantastic for hot chocolate. I tried English toffee and Caramel Macchiato, and love them both.

In a mug:

A heaping tablespoon of baking cocoa
add boiling water, stir
now add cream to taste
squirt of a SweetLeaf flavor

I planning to get more: for coffee, plain Greek yogurt, perhaps my griddle muffins. Anything where I want a shot of the kinds of flavors that usually come with a big whack of carbs.

They are quite reasonably priced, too. Lots of people rely on those sugar free Da Vinci syrups, but for me the flavor turns out to have a lot of sweet I don't want or need.

These hit the spot.
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