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Slow and wooly start to my day. I got Vax 2 yesterday and was in bed at nine. Good news the "boy" sleeps though the night. Yes- I changed up his food the day he got sick due to Vet recommend. It wasn't alot and has not had any issues since.

He is SO FULL of energy-- WTH was I thinking a half Shepard?

Anyway got up this morning and started in on chills. I hit up a warm bath- fend the pup and crawled back into bed with 3 shirts, 3 blankets and wool socks. I lasted 4 4hours and then stopped as fast as it started.
Now I am just tired- arm a little sore, nothing to write home about.

NIC- YAY on NYC- I can't wait to hear all about it! So cool you are close enough to your kiddo but not TO FAR ya know. They gotta go out and make their own way. 2020- really threw a money wrench into the lives of so many of these "kids". So very cool to help launch.

Lori- Enjoy your golf day......... Anything else happening? I guess tooling along and all good is all good.

Trig- Yay I would be sorta ticked off if the hubby made plans like that with no conversation! But it is over and done and sometimes we gotta pick our battles. Personally I would say that NEXT time lets chat about it!!!!!!

Hey I am sending ya the rain today!!!!! MISERAY loves company.

WOE- was off a bit yesterday - back on track and only gave up 2/10- will get it back. I was worried today would be a no eat day. But I am able to eat and I am hungry. What I REALLY want is a double Wendy's no bun. It's right across the street!

Ok- I am socked into some rain- and going to R&R today.
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