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Mackerel!! Marty would love you. The first recipe in Marty's free recipe book is an NO superstar, featuring Mackerel and Oysters.

Spinach, capsicum, oysters, egg white & mackerel
This breakfast bowl recipe has been developed after multiple iterations to maximise nutrient density per calorie. It ranks very well in terms of nutrient density and satiety.
While it doesn’t look great, it tastes fine and makes for an easy nutrient-dense way to start the day.
The spinach provides heaps of magnesium and potassium, oysters provide copper, the nutritional yeast provides a hit of B vitamins and a cheesy flavour.
The egg white and mackerel provide protein and the sea salt provides a range of minerals. The capsicum (bell peppers) provides a boost of Vitamin C to round out the nutrient profile.
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