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New meme from Dr Naiman. Why I am still "leaning out" at 72, post #62 in my journal. Looks complicated but if you are at your ideal goal weight now yet not looking lean, increase all three types of exercise...forever.

Five things that could make you leaner, even at the same caloric intake:

1. Increased protein and fiber %.

2. Decreased fat and carbohydrate % [lose the refined/acellular ones].

3. Resistance training.

4. Increased general movement [step count etc.].

5. More cardio.

Beside Dr Naiman, I listen to podcasts with many of the Protein Researchers and Protein-centric doctors. Don Layman, Stuart Phillips, Layne Norton, Gabrielle Lyons, etc. Now listening to Don Layman on the Mind, Body, Green podcast. He likes a generic minimum of 120 grams, for women 100 g P is a minimum starting point. If you want to get leaner, 75% of effort should be applied to exercise. Dr Naiman uses something closer to 50/50 diet and exercise after losing excess body fat. Keto dieters often skip this step which gets more important closer to goal weight and for maintenance.
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