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There seems to be no concensus on what "processed" means as it is a very vague term. "Ultra processesed" is more clear.

The easy separation ,for me, is where its found in the grocery store. The outer route starts with fruits n veg, past deli dept , down meat counter, to cream and milk, turn left , yogurts and cheeses, and lastly eggs.

Skip the breads, cookies and pasties on the way to checkout.

"Processed" lumps canned pickles with Cheerios. The push for "5 ingredients" while basically paved with good intentions also misses the mark.

Buy whole foods, chop up at home and add herbs and spices. Can be one ingredient,can be ten. Could be just a steak, could be soup. Finding convenience foods that exactly matches is nearly impossible in the US.

There is a tome at university library that is a dictionary of addatives and preservatives. When I say tome, think 10x 12 x 3. And that was back in 1985.

Buy foods that look like Mother Nature made it. And cook with care .

Eating ready to eat food is clearly processed.....ultra processed.

Bottom line, another study pointing the finger at food for better, or worse , health.
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