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DD, just FYI, some of us are what Dave Feldman terms "lean mass hyper-responders." Our LDL cholesterol can rise very high on a very low carb diet to shuttle sufficient fat to the body's muscles etc. in people who are thin and/or exercise significantly, since these particles transport fat-burning energy to the body and a thin person or someone burning through a lot of fat for fuel won't have enough fat stores in each working muscle to supply itself and depends on these lipoprotein "boats" to shuttle this energy to them. I'm not super lean but tend to be fairly active and was perplexed and concerned for quite some time when my LDL rose dramatically changing to low carb (and losing a bunch of weight) until I realized I did fit within this category as the explanation, so I now don't worry when I see my LDL look high by conventional standards so long as my triglycerides are low and my HDL cholesterol high. Anyone who's interested in a better explanation of all this, check out the numerous different videos and articles by Dave Feldman on cholesterol, which I've found very enlightening.
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