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Key Tones, I'm jealous. I have a huge crush on Dr Naiman, probably because he looks like a ripped version of my husband. In all seriousness, though, I really appreciate what he does for the LC community. I love his graphics, his sense of humour, and how he looks at peoples' efforts realistically: example, he'd prefer that you skip the cream in your coffee, but if that's the deal-breaker for you to not bother trying it, then go ahead and have a dribble of cream. Don't let perfect be the enemy of good, as the saying goes.

I also think he's a great role model for being fit without spending hours at a gym: just eat well, do some body weight exercises or what not, and voila, you can look like me. I haaaaate exercise for the sake of exercise and if I'm going to do it, it better not take up much of my time.

Please likewise pass on my fan-girl heart-eyes-emoji thanks.
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