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Morning Nic, Woo, I hear ya girl...I have lost this same 20 or so pounds so many times, I have lost track....

The first thing I believe is VERY important, you made the hardest step, trust me when I say it gets easier from here on in...Be kind to yourself, this is not a race, FORGET, I mean F O R G E T yesterday, that is done, over, gone, past, can not change it....from now on just look ahead, and one day at a time, one small step at a time. For me and for several others that I have gotten to know on this site, one of the biggest bonuses of this WOE is NO, I mean ZERO cravings, that should help with your sugar issues. I also suggest starting your own journal, this is a safe place to vent and to record your feelings, to celebrate your success and to learn from other members. I can say, I would not have gotten this far if it was not for the support of these people, they truly are here for ya....ask anything, say anything, and the best part you are never alone. We will support you, we will not judge, we will not criticize. And believe me we have all been there, we have all fallen down, but get back up, dust yourself off, tomorrow is a new day.

Best of luck to you, drop by my journal sometime, I love company, have a positive day, ttyl
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